Happy Face, Happy Skin – How Mádara Cosmetics Finally Calmed My Skin

I’ve been battling with my skin my whole life. When I was a kid it was itchy and crazy dry and I was scratching it like crazy all the time. I’ve had weird dryness and irritation for so long that when it was okay at times, I felt like I was in heaven. But it’s been a constant struggle to find a product that would calm it down to not break as soon as something tiny changes. And I’ve finally found it!

Thanks to getting my ambassador deal with The Natural Goods Company, I’ve finally in a happy place with my skin. Before my deal I got a tip that I should try Mádaras products, in the beginning they felt expensive but once I started using them and saw and felt how much better my skin felt, I realized that I have to treat myself in this way if anyhow possible. Because in the end it will be way cheaper to find and stick to a brand that is always going to work with your skin, rather than testing and buying something new all the time.

Mádara is a organic cosmetics brand from Latvia, with really close relationship with natures own healing plants. For me this is really important, to use products on my skin that I know are clean and I could basically eat :). Also, when using something that is made with natural ingredients, it’s so much better for the nature too.

I’ve been using Mádaras products since last September, and I will not change to something else anymore, if I don’t really have to. Their products, from face to hair to body and deodorant, are amazing. Super subtle scents, that don’t over power anything else you want to wear. Beautiful and simple packages. And the products just work like a wonder. Never have a I used something that I can speak this highly of.

That irritation that I have so easily, is gone and if it comes back, like it does at times I know that my products will calm it back down. My skin feels and looks so much more balanced and I feel really beautiful without any makeup, not that I ever have used much but it’s a big thing to be able to be completely without any and be confident.

My favorite products are:IMG_7676

Birch Algae Balancing Face Soap, amazing product to have with you when travelling, doesn’t dry your skin out at all.

Daily Defence Body Butter, Pihlaja (rowan) range, super rich but super fast absorbing deliciously scented body butter that doesn’t leave you feeling sticky.

Nourish and Repair Shampoo, gentle to my hair that I have to wash a lot, but takes the best care of it without always needing to put conditioner on it.

Daily Defence Face Cream, Pihlaja (rowan) range, same as the body butter but a bit thicker and so so amazing moisturizer. My number one used product.

Superseed Soothing Hydration Organic Facial Oil, super amazing when your skin feel tight and irritated. I use this always after masks and sometimes with the face cream on top of it for extra moisturizing.

Purifying Foam Face Wash, just changed the Cleansing Milk to this, as the milky wash was perfect during the harder weather months but now with more sun and sweat, this washes my skin well and leaves it super soft.

Balancing Toner, super hydrating and balancing toner. I haven’t been big in using toners but this one has changed my mind completely, it really hydrates the skin and I can see if I don’t use it.

Mádara has amazing masks too, which I highly recommend! Especially the Mud mask.IMG_7470

Get testing and fall in love like I have!