Super Sensitive Skin Savers : Esse Sensitive

Apologies for the almost empty bottles photo, my beauty blogger ways aren't the best ;).

Apologies for the almost empty bottles photo, my beauty blogger ways aren’t the best ;).

And once again I felt helpless when I looked myself in the mirror. My skin was like sandpaper and oil field at the same time and nothing seemed to help. It was like if I even touched it, it just broke to pieces or a massive pimple came to that very spot. All this happened and was my “normal” this past Spring when I had to start my epilepsy medication again after years of being in good enough condition to live without them.

And with my skin, I mean mostly my face and neck. I had dryness in others areas of my body but nothing crazy that I wouldn’t have always at winter time.

The thing is that I’ve been using natural, organic skincare for few years already but nothing, even the other Esse products helped. I tried so many different things and even had to use cortison creme on the worst spots to ease the irritation, which is my last resort as it’s not good for your skin on the long run.

I contacted Minna Oey from The Natural Goods Company for help, and to my massive happiness she had answers to my helpless quest. Esse had just released their new range for super sensitive skin and I got to try it out. I was very hopeful!

The thing with my skin is that it can be really good for weeks and then without no reason breakout really badly to a rash or other irritation and nothing seems to help. I try to have balanced veggie based diet and drink enough water and eat good oil to balance it, but sometimes it’s just mayhem and nothing seems to help. But now it had been longer than just a little bit, the medication had completely messed my whole body, in and out and I didn’t know what to do.

The sensitive range has three products that you use, nothing else and the important thing is to only use them and not mix anything else there to confuse the skin anymore.

Esse is a special skincare company as it uses probiotics in their products. We humans have been using probiotics in foods for long time now to help our insides but to use them on us, to benefit our skin is rather new discovery. We have microbes living in and out of us, traditional skincare these days tends to wash them all out and your skin is always a bit confused as what to do as there’s nothing real to do what it needs to do. If we try to delete all the microbes in our lives, our wellbeing will suffer as we need them to keep us balanced. Esse uses prebiotics to feed the good microbes and with probiotics helps change the skins microbial balance to help it be more balanced. And this is exactly what the Sensitive range is doing. As your sensitive skin is reactive to whatever, it needs a little boost to a better direction to be able to take what the world has these days.

My new routine was pretty simple but as I noticed would take some time to get my skin to used to.

First I needed to use Sensitive Cleanser to wash my face. It’s nice milk like cleanser with very subtle scent. It cleanses make up very well and really leaves your skin feeling clean but not like everything has been stripped away, something I felt with a lot of different cleansers before even the milky ones. The thing was not to leave it too long on your skin, just to massage it gently and wash away. And then leave the skin a bit moist, not dry all the moisture away. Even best if not at all.

Second step was to add in the beginning, as to get my skin more balanced,  a drop of Sensitive Serum to my still moist skin. This magic potion of a serum is truly a miracle worker, it’s filled with more than one billion live Lactobacillus microbes per millilitre. They activate as soon as they come in contact with water and skin, hence the moist skin. Also you need less of the serum to apply when the skin is moist. First I used this both morning and night to ease the irritation, but with time only at night. The scent on this is really nice, somehow warm but not too strong in any way. And even with that tiny bottle, it lasts very long.

Third step was the moisturiser, in my case and as my skin was so dry and sensitive but still oily and kind of mixed, Hydro Moisturiser. It’s a moisturiser that finalizes the routine and really works. And you need the smallest amount of it to cover your whole face and neck. A thing I absolutely love with all the Esse products I’ve ever tried. This moisturiser is best to add to a little moist skin, as it blends better and you need less. It uses prebiotics and probiotics extracts in very sensitive formula to balance and favor the microbes on the skin. Again, the scent of this products is really nice, nothing extra, obviously as it’s a sensitive range all the products are really thought through to fit the irritated reactive skin.

My first try was that Hello, my skin is in heaven. But after couple of weeks, my skin started drying up a lot, like it was shedding some old skin that needed to make room for the new healthier one. I also forgot at times to not dry my skin after I washed it and that was part of the situation. It’s so in us to really rub our faces after we wash them. But after those first weeks, I could really start feeling the change for the better in my skin. It looked more balanced, less breakouts and dryness, also more even color of the skin. I’ve used those products ever since and they have really been the saving ones for my skin. Balancing it to a level that I never thought could be possible, life savers! And even when I was travelling, and usually my skin reacts to different waters really easily, nothing. Again, life savers! Last but not least, I had a wrist operation start of the summer and had to use pretty heavy drugs in the beginning and they really dried my skin but still I felt that it was more balanced with these products than what it would’ve been without. And now, after a very long time, they are done and the bottles are empty, so you really need very little to get the benefits. All in all, the best products that I’ve ever used on my skin. Nothing bad to say, only LOVE!

In Finland you can find these from The Natural Goods webstore or check Esse website for your own country.

I highly recommend these and wish that others find them works as well as they did for me. ❤

I Like Wrinkles, I Like The Stains Of Age…

It’s a simple quote from one amazingly talented lady, Isabel Marant, but what she said in this video below sunk deep in me and just made something burst and glow of YES!

“I like wrinkles, I like the stains of age – imperfection has a lot of charm. It has its own language and I think it speaks much more than something that is completely perfect. It’s never perfect so you search for perfection but you never really totally reach it.”

-Isabel Marant

Growing older is scary at times. You realize how fast time moves on, and how little you’re able to do with it. You understand that you need to get cracking if you want to accomplish those dreams and wishes and goals. You look at your body and you see those signs. You look at it with a new found respect, new found appreciation. You look at that part with cellulite but still look at the whole with love. You know what your body has gone through and wish that the future wouldn’t be that hard on it, but know that it can take it no matter what. I love the notion that my life will show on my body. Those millions of tears and especially all those smiles and belly laughs will be on my face with love marks. You remember some touch from years and you smile because of how it still can make you feel. You also remember a sensation of pain from some other time, and you almost shiver just from the thought of it. All of it is on you. It’s part of you.

But the gratitude, of how much my body has endured. All that yo yo of a life that it has taken from me. It’s still there, broken somewhere, but still there. I can feel that I’m not “there” anymore, but I’m still very much here and stronger with some well deserved jiggly bits.

What ageing does is give you a love through it all, you love the skin you’re in because it’s the only skin you got. There’s no reason to fight it because the marks will always be there, it will remember all the fights. But what it does when you love it and devour the beauty of it, that is amazing. It let’s you be you with all you are. It plays along with your recklessness but still let’s you play. But you have to respect it too. Because it’s always, always, smarter than you, and it will out play you in a heart beat. No fools in that corner.

Day by day, I love myself more. I love the body I’m in. I love how loyal it has been. And how much smarter and cleverer it is and always will be. Thank you for taking all that I’ve put you through. Thank you. ❤

Getting There : Isabel Marant video

#SaveYourFaceStupid Challenge

It’s time for me to stop! Stop something that I have been doing since I was pre teenager, something that is super addictive, super bad habit, ridiculously stupid and makes me feel like shit at best!

PROBLEM is this: I pick my face, as in squeeze pimples, impurities, zits, blackheads, whatever they are called. And I do it like a seasoned pro. I can spend, and this is not a joke, hours with this amazing past time hobby.

PROBLEM is also the fact that with this I have manage to make these nice scars all over my face. I call them craters, because they kind of look like that. And with picking my face, there’s always new pimples emerging. Like we all know, or now you do, the more you squeeze the more they pop up. So the only time my face looks pretty nice is when I’m on a holiday and can’t spend all that time in front of a mirror.

Yesterday evening I had this huge massacre moment again, no reason for it whatsoever. And I say that because this hobby has been a tension/ stress release thing for me for many many years. I don’t and have never really been into drinking, smoking, or these classic addictions. But this thing I have kept close to me forever.

The thing is that I am 30! And my face looks some days like a proper teenagers… Today in the morning when I looked at myself in the mirror, I just felt that it’s time to finally stop this bullshit. I am getting older which means, by all nature ways, that my skin gets looser and my pores aren’t as tight as they were ten years ago. Anyone who knows me well enough, like people who have lived or live with me, know this problem. I even have said after these joyrides to my boyfriend, “I raped my face… again…”. Yes.

But there’s something in this that gives such a satisfaction, that moment when a pimple just pops, some deep underground blackhead explodes! There’s something amazing and super victorious in those moments. Yes, that sounds ridiculous, I know, but hey we all have our things.

But there’s also days when I have been depressed, down on myself, just not okay and kind of punished my face for all the other feelings… And after short amount of time, I have manage to look so bad that I can’t even think of going outside. There’s some serious victory for you!

So after pondering the ups and downs of this favorite past time… I decided to start this challenge. Last year at this same time I had a another challenge for July. Little bit more life changing than this, but anyways. So I thought, let’s do this! It’s July Challenge time!

I even figured that now that I am in Twitter, I have to have a hashtag for those future AAARGH moments when all I want to do is just squeeze the hell out of that tiny pimple! And that glorious hashtag is #SaveYourFaceStupid :D. So, please do follow me in Twitter for these amazing updates about this glorious challenge :D. I am there by the name @thisbirddecided.

So, the challenge, that I will regret already this night as I wash my face and see that tiiiiiny pimple that screams for me to help himhersomething, is that I am not allowed to squeeze anything out of my face for the month of July! Fuck! I will die of definitely something!! :/

The point of this is that I have few dreams or goals. First, I actually found this organic cosmetic brand that my super sensitive skin seems to like, but because I keep doing this, I never really know. And then secondly, and little bit bigger dream or goal of mine: I really would love to model as in fitness and street wear photos. So, it would be a bit easier and nicer, more confident, with less red dots all over or some random dry spots.

This will be hard for me. Old BAD habits die hard, but I am ready to try my best! Which will probably me being like this… standing in front of the mirror screaming or just almost doing something and realizing that I can’t… The struggle will be real, for sure!

These photos that I have here, show really well those scars, but also remind me of my dream. As they are the first photos that we took to move forward my dream. P.S. I only have little powder, mascara and blush in these photos so no covering here.

So, let the games begin! ARGH!