Interview: Jesica Salyer

This amazing lady, Jesica Salyer, is rocking in ways that I am aiming for. She’s all about keeping it clean, in nutrition, beauty and fitness. I love that she embraces her natural beauty and is truly herself and pushes others to love themselves like that too! She is truly an inspiration and motivation for me to keep pushing on the road I have chosen. She writes a blog called Run On Organic, which is one of my favorites. She has really good reviews and recipes too. And her spirit is just pure joy!Name, age, where you are from, what do you do

Jesica Salyer, 26. Originally from Jupiter, Florida and now living in Leawood, Kansas with my husband and daughter (it doesn’t feel right calling her my stepdaughter–I see her and treat her as my own. She’s a gift).

Why did you start to run?

Running was the foundation of training for soccer–which I was very involved in growing up, mainly for soccer. Initially I had to do it, then I grew to love it and embrace it.

What running has given to you?

Running has given me a multitude of things–the biggest of which is my belief in myself. Running has also shown me that discipline and a strong work ethic make you a better person all around. Running makes me feel passionate and inspired–& on fire! Running is my go-to activity when I am stressed or when I need an answer for something in my life.

Goals when it comes to running?

I’m not a big goal girl. I don’t write things down, I don’t plan workouts. If I had to describe a goal that’s running related, it would simply be to never stop trying and to never lose my passion for running.

Favorite race/race memory?

Without a doubt, running the Garmin Marathon in April ’14. My family was there to support me and I felt so much love radiating around me. It’s one of the highlights of my life. I am proud of myself for persevering, given that I do not have a runner’s frame. I’m 5’9″, 175 lbs–and it was a tough, knee pounding, grueling challenge–I am happy to have experienced it.

Personal golden tip/motto when it comes to running?

Golden tip: what a great way to say that! 🙂 My golden tip(s) for running are multifaceted:
-Don’t ever forget for one second that not everyone on this planet is able to run. It is a GIFT. Not a chore.
-Always find passion in every run. Whether that means looking up into the sky and watching birds fly past you, or watching children play soccer as you pass the park, or simply admiring the lush, beautiful, abundant trees around you–Marvel at your surroundings, feel the tension and power in your legs, feel each stride, be present.
-Run like you do did as a child–free, careless, fearless, exuberant.
Favorite running product?
Since I use them so religiously, I’d have to say my Nike Free TRs, my Lululemon headhugger headbands and my beats headphones. They’re the mainstays in my routine.
Favorite thing (to do) outside of running?
Watching my family smile and laugh. Being on or near salt water.
Guilty pleasure, anything (music/food/drink/whatever) if you have?
Chocolate, greasy fried food, red wine, Sex & the City reruns.
What inspires/motivates you?
Thinking about why I am on this planet. Being a bright, shining light–a ball of joy and happiness. That motivates me at my core.
Favorite song/book/movie/shoe/city?
I really enjoy music. I listen to it while I run, and it takes workouts to another level. It’s very hard to pick one song. How is that possible? I’ll choose 4 of my favorites (2 old, 2 new)
1. Dance the Night Away – Van Halen
2. Scenes from an Italian Restaurant – Billy Joel (Live at Shea Stadium version)
3. Reunion by M83
4. The Veldt by Deadmau5
-Force of Nature – Laird Hamilton
-My Foot is Too Big For the Glass Slipper – Gabrielle Reece
My Best Friend’s Wedding
Rainbow brand sandals
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