Review : Tailwind Nutrition Endurance Fuel

Photo from Tailwind

Photo from Tailwind

This review is long overdue, but better late than never!

For a long time, when I started training more and long distances, I had trouble with my stomach. I felt that I don’t really know what to use for fuel on my runs when nothing felt too good. My first Ultra went a bit under, as my stomach just did not want to cooperate. So after that I wanted to find a solution to this all.

I had heard a lot of good things about Tailwind Nutrition, started by a long distance runner who had had a lot of stomach issues. So with that in mind, I decided that I really wanted to try it out.

I contacted their HQ in USA and got a tip that I should contact their Scandinavian/European person, Alex. Which I did and he was so nice that he sent me a lot of them to try out! Huge thank you for that! 🙂

One of the reasons I wanted to try Tailwind was that on my long runs, I tend to drink too little and through that feel a bit funny in the end. So if the fuel and calories would be in my water then I would get all that I need, because if I wouldn’t drink I wouldn’t get my calories. Also on long runs or races, eating becomes a bit yucky after certain period of time.

One thing that I was really interested about was how the powder that Tailwind is, will dissolve to the water and not feel too much while you drink it, you know that feeling of thick sports drinks, that’s the one I mean. But it actually dissolved so great that it’s just water, tastes something if you choose to use the ones with a flavor.

First I tried the drink only as a normal glass of water, just to see how it tastes and how my belly takes it, all good. So the next step was a long run but still a shorter, all good and then for a long run with only Tailwind to fuel me, still all more than good. I felt pretty confident that I can use only Tailwind on my next Ultra with no extra trouble.

And my June Ultra in Island of Samsoe in Denmark, went so great! It was my strongest race ever, won the women’s race in my distance 57,8km. No belly issues whatsoever, only fuelled with Tailwind. After that I am more than sure that I won’t be using anything else to fuel myself. F65E9EBB-D0BC-460C-B182-57A2ABB63143

My favorite thing about Tailwind is that it keeps you fuelled and hydrated in balanced way and all the time, there’s no dips like with gels and similar stuff. Which makes running a strong race very easy. Basically the best thing you could wish from a race fuel, right!

I also have to add and admit that I’ve used Tailwind as a fuel when I’ve been working long days, get those calories in when been busy, and also in a very bad hangover… Believe me, it works like magic! 😀


Photo from Tailwind

I used mostly the Lemon flavor and absolutely loved it! I tried all the flavors and have to be honest, none of them are bad, which is pretty rare. They all taste pretty “clear”, not too artificial. They also have a unflavored one which is great if you’re not into any extra flavoring, or need a change on your long races. You can get Tailwind in either small one time packs that are super easy to bring with you, or in a bigger bag that gives you 30 servings.I can only recommend Tailwind and will definitely keep using it myself in the future! They have various flavors and also a caffeinated version.

Check them out here if you live in USA and here if you’re in Scandinavia/Europe.

Thank you Alex from Tailwind Sweden for being so kind and letting me try out the products! My order will be coming in soon :).IMG_2161