Life Around Here


Hard at work, representing Pihasali Yogastudio at Iloveme Fair in Helsinki.

Life around my new everything is looking good!

I started my new job at Pihasali Yogastudio yesterday, dived in straight away in the form of a beauty fair. I could have freaked a bit, as it’s basically at least two years since my last job. But I felt strong and confident, which helped a lot.

It felt super nice to realize that I still got it! And it was so nice to be able to help people and talk with so many different people. I remembered what I love to do, making new contacts and help people. It also gave a kick with what I want to do with my blog. New ideas, new posts!IMG_5169I feel really good about my training towards my goals. I’ve found the right ways of doing things and it’s really working. Good balance between rest and training.


New amazing brand from Finnish Lapland, Arctic Warriors. All natural, delicious shots of goodness!

Running is going well, no injuries whatsoever. Body is feeling stronger and stronger. I have good plan that involves running, gym, yoga, foam rolling/stretching class and going to get some massages. Nutrition is on point. Plant based foods are giving me the best kind of energy and my body is just purring like a cat from happiness. I’m recovering super fast from harder workouts.And my life in general is looking really nice. I might be alone at times, as half of my family is in another country, but I have the love with me. I have insanely amazing friends around me here and all over the world. I’ve never felt this loved in my life. Thank you!

I can’t wait to keep going strong and hopefully be able to inspire, help and motivate others! PMA! 🙂IMG_5209

Marathon Training week 3

It started really bad with no motivation at all and ended with a bang of happiness!

Too much of pressure makes all fun go away, so the latter part of training week 3 was about “first easy and fun, then fast”. No useless photo pauses, too much watch checking is banned. Go with feel and remember for gods sake to enjoy the journey!

Also, because I have been stupid, I’ve been lacking on stretching and taking care of my recovery, I woke up friday with super nasty muscle pain on my calves. After that I’ve got back to smart choices.

So from no motivation at all to easy, fun and relaxed. On friday I will travel to London for “little” bridgethegap and seeing my dear friends and run Hackney Half Marathon :).

And now to last weeks runs.

Tuesday – 3 miles/ 4,82km planned, 5km done. The weather was insanely warm, so I went for run in late evening, but it was so humid that I was sweating like a little pig.

Wednesday – 5 miles/ 8km planned, 8,01km done. Slow buddyrun with the doggy.

Thursday – 3 miles/ 4,82km planned, 8,40km done. This was my “change” run. Before this run I didn’t have any motivation to do anything with my training, I just went through the runs because they were on my plan. But this one, I decided that I have to ditch the speed aspect from my mind. So this was all about no pressure just enjoying and damn, it felt good!

Sunday – 6 miles/ 9,65km planned for saturday, 13,1km done. Amazing run, pure enjoyment, just fun! So this is how running should be and then this training will be something I want to do.



Marathon Update

Only couple of weeks and my marathon training begins! Super excited!

As I wrote before, I chose to use Hal Higdons plan and because I am in a way old school, I wanted to do my training plan in a notebook. So I got this nice notebook and took one spread for everyday. And for everyday there is what I need to do and I have room to write how I felt, how was the run, what I ate, what shoes I wore, just room to keep track of my training. And if there’s anything else I want to write.

Before my training starts I get to go home to Finland and basically hug my whole family for two weeks :). Stoked!

Berlin Marathon here I come!!

Also, because I have this bad habit on my long runs, which is I always drink too little. So because I knew that, I knew that a bottle is not enough on those future long runs and I started searching for a hydration vest, which was easier than I thought because I already knew a little what I wanted and I had some tips from other girls.

So I got this Nathan Torchlight Intensity vest, which is 3M material so I will be well seen and has 2L bladder and it fits super good on me. Can’t wait for those long runs and be able to test this bad girl! And it has pink on it, which is a bonus :).

Here’s link to that plan that I am using:

Also, if you are interested about great inspiring and motivating listen, have a check of this podcast with Robin Arzon:

Challenge To Challenge Yourself

So. Tomorrow is the first day of December. I can open my first Christmas calender window. Here in Finland it could get colder, which I like. It also means that I’m about to challenge myself more than before, like really!
Couple weeks ago I decided to challenge one running buddy of mine to run 200km in December, to kick that Christmas ass! Then Couple of days ago I became part of Bangsandabun’s challenge to run 80 miles in December. And, on top of that I wanted to take part in running every single day of December!
Some say this determination, some craziness… Not sure which it is but I’m ready! 🙂
The hardest thing for me is going to be to remember to eat enough… That sounds ridiculous but I am just completely able to not eat enough. And this has nothing to do with vanity or wanting to be thin or some poop like that, nononoooo!! So, one challenge is to eat and it shouldn’t be a problem in December I hope haha! 😀
So, keep your fingers crossed for me and wish me luck!