First done, 11 to go…

Last week started with a notion of need to do 40,23km, I felt still exhausted from December but the pain in my legs was moving away, so I attacked the week but noticed pretty quickly that it might be just too much for my body. Because I ran everyday in December the Nike Running Coach calculated that I should just do the advanced training plan, which meant running pretty much 6 days a week for 12 weeks. And after only one week my body said no way! The pain in my calf and ankle came back and I was worried that I might injure myself and would put my Half in jeopardy. Not the best end for your first training week… So today I had to have heart to heart with myself and realize that not pushing too hard does not make me a loser, but a smarter listener of my body and through that better runner, for sure! So I changed my training plan to an easier one and will be able to have something else in my mind than only running. I was also worried that my way of love for running will suffer with the pressure that I was putting on myself.

So here’s my first week in photos and some comments:


This was my run of 2014, first training day, first day to run back in Hannover in the flatland after those hills back in Finland. Relaxed 4,8km to run, so I took my dog with me and off we went. Nice, calm rain run, nothing special. Was definitely careful and listening my legs after weird pain, but thank god nothing special.



Had 8,05km to run and for some reason was pushing it super late, so I had to run in the darkness… Conquering a small part of my fear of the dark, so some benefits there! Felt pretty good, some serious speed growth, which always surprises me. I think I’m used to be little “slower” than others, and kind of am totally okay with it, but then when I’m the one who is running faster I get all confused haha!


Another 8,05km to run with some speed training, in the form of Fartlek (it means you run certain period of time faster than your easy pace, then some in even faster and then back to easy pace, and again). I seriously thought that I would die or that my legs would fall off, but they are still there, so I guess all is good. I remember thinking while pushing myself that I can’t do this and then kind of slapping myself on my wrist and saying that shut up, you should be proud of what you do! I am so proud that I’m this far after a year. I think it’s pretty cool that I’m training for my first official Half Marathon! That is Cool! 🙂


I felt so blaah, my legs hurt and I was exhausted! But good for me, it was a restday. Walk with the dog and some serious foamrolling, that hurt like hell!





6,44km to run. I did it late evening with my dog, rain run again but my dog always makes me remember to enjoy what I’m doing. Definitely felt the runs in my legs and just felt that all is not good. Did it anyway and that is super important to me!




First long run of my training. Usually 12,9km don’t feel too bad but this time it felt partly like it’s never going to end, pain in my legs and huge rainstorm. In the middle of my run I stopped and just stood in the rain and thought to myself that how lucky am I! Even if it hurts, I’m doing this because I decided and I’m pretty kick ass because of that! And sunday was going to be a restday ;).


RESTDAY! Went for a long walk in the forest with a friend and the doggy. It was exactly what I needed, legs felt little painful but better. In the evening I was watching the 49ers game and stretching and foamrolling, little icing too.

All together the week was, again, kind of educational but amazing. So now with fresh mind to the new training week with new training plan. Though little guilty mind from not running today but spending it resting my legs and doing some core work. Have to get rid of that stupid guilt!! PMA is the thing here!! 🙂